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14 Fun Toddler Activities in Auckland

Fun activities help children experience positive emotions, connect with other children, learn new things, gain self-confidence by exploring, and develop skills, such as fine or gross motor skills, that will help them throughout their life. Take a look at our list of Fun toddler activities in Auckland.

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Fun activities help children experience positive emotions, connect with other children, learn new things, gain self-confidence by exploring, and develop skills, such as fine or gross motor skills, that will help them throughout their life. Finding activities that keep toddlers engaged and entertained can sometimes be a challenge. In this article, we bring you 14 fun toddler activities in Auckland for the joy of your little one.

List of Fun Toddler Activities in Auckland

See amazing sea creatures

Hauraki Gulf hosts notable species of whales, dolphins and seals that your toddler can see up close on a cruise that will fascinate children and adults alike. More than 22 species of dolphins and whales cross the Hauraki Gulf and swim close to vessels delighting visitors aboard. In the summertime, you and your toddler can spot sea turtles in a fun adventure that you will both fondly remember. 

Penguins, cormorants and gulls are also in this seabird spotting place, so get ready for an outstanding experience.

Take a look at Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari to find out more.

Jump for joy on trampolines

Children love trampolines. It could have something to do with the feeling of freedom they experience when they are in the air, or this could give them the sensation that, like birds, they too can fly. Take your toddler to a safety-certified trampoline park and watch him have a great time while you enjoy a cup of coffee. The staff of these parks supervises every child playing on the trampolines so your toddler is safe.

Take a look at Jump to find out more.

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More Fun Toddler Activities in Auckland

Experience the grace of butterflies

Watching living butterflies flying around or land on them can be a magical experience for any toddler. You can dress your little one in blue, orange or red, as butterflies are attracted by bright colours and will most likely land on your children’s clothes. 

Butterfly Creek’s beautiful collection of tropical butterflies from Central America and Asia will delight the children. The butterfly house also hosts several fish species alongside water dragons and finches.

Take a look at Butterfly Creek to find out more, and add this to the list of your favourite toddler activities in Auckland.

Get on an ice cream factory tour

Ice cream is amongst the favourite desserts of children. Your toddler can have a lot of fun learning about the manufacturing of ice cream, and of course, by tasting it in its birthplace – an ice cream factory. From popsicles to scoops, these ice creams are manufactured in all shapes, sizes and flavours, with dairy, gluten and gelatin-free variants also available. 

Take a look at Tip Top’s factory tour to find out more.

Enjoy the flora of Auckland Botanic Gardens

Auckland Botanic Gardens have the most amazing plants in the area and have created a special garden for children. This garden, called Potter Children’s Garden, is filled with different environments that show little ones just how diverse nature is. To keep the little one engaged while visiting, you can try activity sheets that the gardens provide for free. These activities must be among the most fun toddler activities in Auckland, as they are accessible, create positive emotions and enable children to connect more with the surrounding environment. 

Take a look at Auckland Botanic Gardens Potter Children’s Garden to find out more.

Embark on a choo-choo ride

All aboard! For explorers, the whistle of a train is among the most exciting sounds in the world. A ride in a steam train can keep toddlers caught up in admiring the steam locomotive, the rails and all the other amazing things that make trains work. These rides often feature fun activities and games that keep the little ones entertained and open to learning new things. 

Take a look at the Museum of Transport and Technology to find out more.

Visit a puppetry studio

Auckland is the home of a live-action puppetry studio, provided with a unique playground. Here, your toddler can explore movie sets like Rocket Ship and Mission Control, the Pirates Cove and the Dragons Castle and try one or more of the playground’s attractions. The venue offers the audience full-of-colour-and-music puppets movies that light the imagination and spark the interest of little ones for stage productions.

Take a look at Whoa! Studios to find out more.

Meet the animals at the Auckland Zoo

The list of toddler activities in Auckland cannot skip one of the most loved attractions of the area: the Zoo. 

Home to more than 1,400 animals, the Zoo is the perfect place for your toddler to meet mammals like elephants, meerkats, lions, giraffes, red pandas and rhinos, fish, reptiles, birds and amphibians.

Your toddler can have fun and learn, as the Zoo provides free online activity sheets you can use during your visit to discover unique native plants.

Moreover, the venue performs a program – Tamariki Time, designed for all children under 5. During the sessions of this program, the education team involves the kids in fun activities, games, dances and songs that will help them learn through play, make new friends and develop their cognitive skills.

Take a look at the Auckland Zoo and Auckland Zoo’s Tamariki Time to find out more.

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But Wait There's More Toddler Activities in Auckland

Spend an afternoon at the beach

Beautiful beaches surround Auckland. Spending an afternoon with your toddler in such a location will provide the chance to do amazing things together. You can organize a picnic, have a long, relaxing walk along the beach, hold a photo shoot, or have a swim session. Or you can have a running contest to help the little one healthily use his energy, followed by a bath in the sun to provide him with vitamins that will help him develop harmoniously.

When choosing the beach, look for one that is families-with-kids-friendly, as they are less crowded and offer various facilities such as nearby playgrounds.

Take a look at a list of Auckland’s best beaches to explore to find out more.

Pick berries at a farm

Berries are cute, delicious and filled with healthy nutrients. Taking your toddler to a sustainable farm that enables visitors to pick berries by themselves is a fun and educational activity: your little one can see how strawberries, for example, are grown and harvested before reaching his breakfast or snack. It also helps develop fine motor skills and cultivates self-confidence, as this is a task he will take pride in performing.

These farms sometimes encourage visitors to bring their containers to deposit the berries they will pick and offer juice or ice cream made from “real” fruits.

Take a look at Bells Berries to find out more.

Try pony riding

Children like ponies because they are small, gentle and have funny teeth.

Riding a horse can be an authentic experience for your child as it nurtures his affection for animals, helps him improve his balance skills and increases his self-confidence. There are several locations in and around Auckland where children can ride gentle ponies in beautiful landscapes. You can turn this activity into regular riding lessons if your toddler enjoys it. 

Take a look at Horse Riding Warkworth to find out more, and add this to the list of your favourite toddler activities in Auckland.

Dance like nobody is watching

Dancing is a great way to keep your little one healthy: it improves his heart and lung condition, increases endurance and muscle strength, it improves flexibility, overall balance and agility. Better than that, dancing is a fun activity that enables children to experience all sorts of body movements and positively consumes their energy. Try one or two lessons at a dancing school. Chances are he will like it since most schools use different rhythms, fun settings and a wide range of musical genres to get the little ones engaged and entertained.

Take a look at Dance Classes in Auckland to find out more.

Go camping

Camping is an excellent idea to create or strengthen your child’s connection to nature. There are a lot of activities that you can try while camping, from bird spotting to studying various bugs or kite flying. You can try fishing or a long stroll along the beach. Admiring landscapes can be fun, especially if your little one likes beautiful visuals. Some campsites in Auckland provide various facilities to entertain their little guests, like playgrounds or basketball courts. Meanwhile, grown-ups can have fun preparing a delicious barbecue in specially designed areas.

Take a look at a list of the best campgrounds in Auckland to pitch a tent to find out more.

Try swimming lessons

Swimming is an individual, fun activity with tremendous benefits for children: it helps develop muscle, promotes heart health, improves the quality of sleep, and it teaches the mind to stay calm and relaxed. The best advantage is that it enables the little ones to associate sports with fun, which can help them stay connected to sports as they grow up. Moving freely in the pool, with arms and legs feeling light as a feather, might encourage your child to ask to come back for more swimming sessions. Remember that these sessions must always be performed under the constant supervision of trained staff.

Take a look at a list of available swimming lessons and classes to find out more.

No matter which of these toddler activities in Auckland you choose, the most important is that your child has a fun time in a positive and safe environment.

If you are visiting Hamilton, check out our suggestions for fun toddler activities in Hamilton.

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Tanya Vester
Tanya Vester
Our sons attended Bright beginnings early leaning Centre and absolutely loved it. They attended Manuka and Kowhai rooms, and later also Pohutukawa room. The teachers in all three rooms were just SO lovely, caring, attentive and supported their learning journeys and communicated the children’s achievements with us. We are so thankful for the time our kids were able to spend there, and the kids made great memories for life. We highly recommend BBELC to anyone looking for a child care center. We had to leave due to moving overseas and will miss BBELC so much!!!
Sukhpreet Singh Mediratta
Sukhpreet Singh Mediratta
"I don't think I can express in words the gratitude I feel towards you all. My child, Amrin have learnt so much in your care that will stay with her for life. I believe their fondest memories of childhood will include many of you - I truly hope you are all extremely proud your efforts with our children. Thank you for all the wonderful support and care you have given to my daughter. This Centre is a very special place and she has grown so much in your nurturing, inspiring and challenging environment. You are really helping her to prepare for her school foundation." Actually, this is a second home for Amrin, she started her journey from BBELC, Auckland and will leave for school from here. Thanks to all the teachers, If I start typing the names, the list will be so long. In last especially I should not forget Nikita, who is so understanding and caring towards kids as well as families. Thank you with much love."
Anaru Pui
Anaru Pui
We've had our daughter Waikohu pui in the center for over 1 year now And she has Developed into such a beautiful kind person and has gained some great life skills and experiences thank you to all the teachers for there support and care with our baby girl making life alot easier knowing shes getting great education and Aroha (Love) from all the teachers at her Kura ( school ) thanks again ❤️ from the Pui whanau
Jagroop Kaur
Jagroop Kaur
Teachers are very kind and patient. Also they encourage children to learn in different indoor and outdoor activities. I am so pleased in POHUTUKAWA room the teacher do the school transition program, which is really helpful to the kids enter the primary school in the future. Thanks all teacher who support VIRASAT and other kids there quite well.
anne dela cruz
anne dela cruz
We have been with BBELC Hamilton since 2020 during the peak of pandemic and I never doubted to bring my children here knowing that they are on a safe place and the team are all aware of the best health and safety plan to ensure that everyone in the centre are safe. The centre is the BEST for me in terms of CLEANLINESS (the place os very tidy), SAFETY OF CHILDREN (only parents/caregivers can enter the premises on their pin coded door), FRIENDLY STAFF (you will be greeted by a very friendly receptionist, you can talk to the teachers about your concern with your child), OPEN DOOR POLICY (Manager’s door is open all times for parents for any concern or question), NUTRICIOUS FOOD for our kids, SCHOOL READINESS PROGRAM (table activities, book reading, sharing with others, simple literacy), MAT TIME IS THE BEST as the kids learn to socialize, listen to teachers, story telling, yoga, dance time, music time,etc. and they also held PARENTS TIME where we can chat with the teacher about our kids, meet other parents, share experiences and strategies, parents gets treat and gift on special occasion like mother’s day and father’s day that will definitely make your day as a parent. And lastly for few years now, my kids have enjoyed their Christmas party where they get gift and enjoy bouncy castle, it’s simple but the experience and memories will be lifetime. THANKS TO ALL THE STAFF AND TEACHERS OF BBELC Hamilton! KUDOS TO ALL YOUR HARDWORK AND DEDICATION. CHEERS TO MANY MORE YEARS OF SUCCESS! - DELA CRUZ Family ( Robb and Reuben)
I love BBELC and my child love it too. As parents ,my husband and I deeply appreciate the staff being friendly ,kind ,patient ,role models and caring .The educators work well with parents to achieve the children’s developmental goals , the manager Leonie and Teachers Mari, Kathryn, Summer and Emma really care about the children and very welcoming. The childcare is secure and this gives us peace of mind in knowing that our little ones are in good hands and safe . The classrooms are clean and nicely decorated. I highly recommend sending your child to this center. It’s become our second home.
BBELC is an awesome environment for my daughter to learn and grow through different types of activities. All the staffs are friendly, supportive and helpful. Highly recommended to all.
Neda Bolouri
Neda Bolouri
A safe, happy and caring place for our children.
Norvega Bantang
Norvega Bantang
Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre - Hamilton is like a second home to my 2 little girls. They are very supportive of the children’s early learning and individual development. The rooms are spacious, warm and cozy and provide different kinds of resources for the children to explore. My girls are always excited to go to kindy every morning. Since I have also recently become part of this centre, it’s good to know and see for myself how things work in the centre and how very passionate the staff are in looking after every child like they are family. As a parent, it gives me the peace of mind that my children are in good hands and are well taken cared of. Definitely made the right decision to enroll our children here.
Diana Villa-Ignacio
Diana Villa-Ignacio
BBELC is a wonderful centre which caters to quality care and learning of children. We take pride in our relationship with parents , whanau and children having positive environment, open communication, flexibility, catering to children needs and working alongside parent's aspiration for their children. Feel free to come and see our Hamilton centre. We will be happy to show you around and be part of our Bright Beginnings Family.
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